Xiao Qing knew that what he had done before made Su Wan hate him, but he couldn’t help feeling bad, but he still wanted to try to save two people’s feelings.

"Wan Wan, this is an apology gift. I hope you will forgive me."
Men are as warm as bamboo in the mountains, and women want to get rid of it as white lotus in the water. It is also very eye-catching for two people together.
Many people around looked at their thoughts about Huiwangdian, and everyone knew that Qingling County Lord didn’t seem to want to marry Huiwangdian.
Huiwangdian is out of the water on purpose.
Xiao Qing ignored other people’s hearts and lamented that he was persistent in handing the brocade box in his hand to Su Wan. The whole person could not say sincerity. He hoped that Su Wan would forgive him. If she could forgive him, she would make up for it slowly.
He believes that he will repair them. This time, he is in no hurry and takes his time.
Xiao Qing wanted to have a good time. Suddenly, a dark magnetic low sound came up. "Huiwangdian is really polite. Since Huiwangdian personally selected the gift, if you can’t accept it?"
A slender perfect hand stretched out and unceremoniously accepted the brocade box in the hand of Hui Wang Xiao Qing.
Xiao Qing and Su Wan turned around and saw Xiao Huang and Anping Hou Fu Ye Xiao Hou Ye and others coming from the outside and just walked beside Su Wan.
This time, it’s different from going to Xiao Huang. His gesture is very high-profile, so people can see at a glance that he is different from Su Wan. He bullies Su Wan as if Su Wan is his property and other women.
As soon as he made such a gesture, everyone at the dinner party today changed their faces slightly and secretly guessed two people.
Yesterday, two people seemed to have a cold war, but today they are completely different. What does that mean? Did two people pick each other?
Hui Wang Xiao Qing looked at Xiao Huang, the kind of hint in his words that his heart sank to the bottom.
He turned around and looked at Su Wan Wan, but said he didn’t want to marry. She said that her generation didn’t want to marry.
If Xiao Huang’s gesture is so pointed, she will definitely resent it. But when he looked up, he found that Su Wan was not angry. He took the brocade box from Xiao Huang with a light smile and handed it to Bai Qin behind him.
Her attitude is a kind of acquiescence.
She admitted the meaning of Xiao Huang’s words.
Not so. What’s so?
Xiao Qing felt that he knew a lot about the tiger and lion. His heart was angry and his face was slightly distorted at the moment. He looked sullenly at Su Wan and asked in a low voice, "Wan Wan said you didn’t want to get married, but what happened to him?"
Su Wan hasn’t spoken yet, but Xiao Huang is overbearing. "At that time, she didn’t want to marry. Now she wants to marry. What’s so strange? There is always a Huiwangdian where she wants to marry, but she wants to marry and become a fox spirit."
When will you wait until you don’t hit your rival in love at this time?
Xiao Huang wished that a few people who dared to think about Su Wan would be killed with a stick.
After he finished, not only Xiao Qing looks pale, but also Ning Wang Xiao Ye and Duan Wang and others look pale.
Several men stared at Xiao Huang Xiao Huang without looking at others, but looked at Su Wan and said, "Ladies, I have a gift for you."
When he finished, he stretched out his hand and pulled Su Wan into it.
Behind him, the singer is holding a square rosewood brocade box, and it is valuable to see what is in the box.
However, Xiao Huang’s move is not simply to send something to Su Wan, but to take this opportunity to bully himself and swear to benefit himself.
He’s telling everyone
Su Wan is my Xiao Huang woman, and none of you can think about it.
Although Su Wan didn’t dislike him for doing so, he felt that it was not good to throw away all the guests, and he struggled. It was a pity that he could bear to have a backyard in the end.
But she didn’t forget to warn him, "Xiao Huang, if you send something bad, don’t blame me for kicking you."
"Guaranteed to satisfy you"
Xiao Huang’s low magnetic dull sound sounded pleasant. Two figures quickly left the front courtyard and walked all the way to the back yard.
And everyone behind them saw them go and talked about it early.
The man’s face is black, but the women are all heartbroken. Not only is your daughter in Beijing heartbroken, but even the princess Yunmeng in Jing Wangfu feels heartbroken. My brother actually likes that woman Su Wan, who is a fox with a charming look. My brother has always been cold and domineering, so he was attracted to her.
And I have always loved my brother because this woman ordered her mother princess to get married as soon as possible. Recently, the most busy thing for her is to look at the marriage.
She doesn’t want to get married, but neither her brother nor mother princess cares about her wishes, and the woman she hates can get the love of her brother and may eventually marry him.
Princess Yunmeng was so angry at the thought that she couldn’t say a word.
Your daughter around her muttered, "Look at Xiao Shi’s fear of their good deeds in Qingling County."
"Yes, two lovers are interested in good things. It’s coming to Qingling County. The identity of the master and concubine is not worthy of Xiao Shike. But now she is going to restore her identity and become the first daughter of Anguo Houfu and the head of the county by royalty, so that she can marry into Jing Wangfu."
Min and your daughter around you said that they were not jealous of anything.
But this is particularly harsh in Yunmeng Princess’s ear. She turned angrily and looked at the woman who was talking around her. "Don’t talk nonsense. The gate of our Jing Wangfu is not so easy to enter. Don’t forget that my cousin also wants to marry into our Jing Wangfu."
Yunmeng Princess carried out Linyang Princess.
Anyway, if someone has to marry into the Jing Wangfu Yunmeng Princess, I hope that the cousin of Linyang Princess will marry into their Jing Wangfu belly black police officer.

Leng Ruixi felt nothing, and then she heard Xiao Cheling unhurriedly say, "You remember to try the water temperature not to be too hot, and then the duckling put it on the washboard for her to play when taking a bath."

"Oh, one more thing. Last night, she rolled to the ground several times, and then she will get up by herself. But I have already installed the fence for her. She can’t roll if she can’t. I’m afraid she will climb over the fence and continue to roll to the ground. You can prepare one yourself then."
Prepare to stay up all night!
Leng Ruixi’s hand suddenly shook, but soon returned to normal, and then looked at Han Yiqing with disdain. "I didn’t expect you to be so restless."
"No! I sleep very well! " She retorted that she was directly despised, and three people looked at her in unison.
"Why are you looking at me like that!"
"Han Yiqing, do you know how false you just said!"
No way! She knows that she sleeps badly, but Xiao Cheling doesn’t despise her so much!
Suddenly a LengRuiXi sat up from the bed and then directly picked her up and walked to the floor …
"Feed! Leng Ruixi is still a long time away from sleeping! " What time is it? It’s not even bedtime yet! Why did he take her downstairs!
"Yin Yuhao Xiao Cheling, help me!"
Who knows what Leng Ruixi is going to do! Maybe pick her up and give her a good beating.
Right, right, right! It must be so!
She looked at the past for help, but the other two turned a deaf ear and ate by themselves.
ka! They have gone too far! I really don’t care about him at all!
Leng Ruixi directly took her to the room and then simply threw her orders and said, "Han Yiqing, you give me sleep!" "
"LengRuiXi what are you smoking! It’s still early! What do you want me to sleep for! " Her biological clock root is not that early! What’s more, just after a good meal …
"Sleep" He still said two words and then looked at her with sharp eyes.
"Er … Leng Ruixi, why do you want me to go to bed so early …" Something is wrong! There must be something wrong! It’s impossible to go to bed so early!
"In case you make a noise in the middle of the night and affect my sleep," Leng Ruixi said coldly, and then went out directly without forgetting to turn to her and say, "Remember to sleep well."
Han Yiqing is really helpless! She can sleep!
Hum! He’d better fall asleep when she’s awake, and then he won’t sleep! Let him torture her like that!
Just thinking about it, she was already lying down, her eyelids became heavier and heavier, and finally she accidentally fell asleep … When she woke up, she didn’t see Leng Ruixi.
She climbed into bed and went to the balcony to see him lying in a rocking chair and closing his eyes.
She was just about to play a trick on him when she suddenly heard his voice "wake up?"
Poof … He didn’t fall asleep! I cann’t believe I’m not asleep There is nothing she can do to play tricks on her!
He opened his eyes and looked down at her. "I think you will sleep until early."
"LengRuiXi what do you see? !” Han Yiqing asked and looked down his line of sight. Oh, my God!
"I also want to see you move aside and let me lie down!"
Ps Dayue has to prepare a draft of 10,000 watches from the 1st to the 17th. The editor said that she would give it to her Dayue on the 9th. These days, it will start at 10,000 watches on the 10th ~ ~ ~
Chapter 14 Let me tell you one more thing: I am a pig!
"It’s really troublesome." Although he was very dissatisfied and disgusted, he picked her up and looked at the situation where she couldn’t move out. He was even more contemptuous and said, "Why are you so small and so fat that you don’t know how to lose weight?"
Is it her fault? ! Is it her fault? ! Babies are usually the same size as her!

However, Su Wan’s cut in front of Xiao Huang was caused by a small blood mouth. Xiao Huang accepted it although he was angry.

However, after Xiao Huang closed her eyes, Su Wan did not hesitate to stretch out her hand and scratched her arm severely. This knife was heavier, so her arm blood quickly flowed out like water and went straight to Xiao Huang’s mouth.
She didn’t feel surprised. It was because of her blood that she made such a big cut.
In the room, Yu Ge and Yan Ge turned pale and could not help but tremble with their mouths, but Su Wan gave them a hard stare.
But even though she stopped Yu Ge and Yan Ge and others, Xiao Huang noticed that he quickly opened his eyes and saw Su Wan’s arm cut deeply, and her blood dripped directly into his mouth.
Xiao Huang’s face turned white all over. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
The white body is covered with frosty eyes, staring at Su Wan coldly. It’s a pity that Su Wan ignored him and said mercilessly. "If you dare to wave, see how I tidy up you."
After she finished, the blood in her arm was still dripping into Xiao Huang’s mouth, but Xiao Huang could not see that she was slowly turning white, her face turned steep and she struggled to turn over and sit up. Then her big hand stretched out and gripped Su Wan’s arm and ordered a doctor in the room to "dress a wound for her quickly."
"It’s Master Shi"
The doctor in the room replied, but Su Wan ignored Xiao Huang. He didn’t care that his arm was bleeding at the moment. Instead, he quickly reached out and took Xiao Huang’s pulse. Then she found that Xiao Huang’s body poison was really under control. Not only that, but it seemed to fade slowly. I didn’t expect her blood to be really poisoned by adding her former antidote.
Su Wan looked at Yu Ge and Yun Ge with great joy. "You two are quick to help your grandfather poison my blood and make an antidote before me. It’s no accident that this poison can even detoxify."
Yu Ge and Yun Ge were excited when they heard it. Tears in their eyes were coming, and they quickly said, "It’s the Lord of Qingling County."
Two people flicker in front of Xiao Huang, one after the other, two people sit in front of him, and two people quickly raise their hands, one toward the center of Xiao Huang’s front and the other toward the center of his back, and two palm forces quickly invade Xiao Huang’s body to induce other body toxicity.
And first, it is strong and overbearing, almost devouring Xiao Huang’s poison. At the moment, it seems that it has met some wild beasts and generally retreated rapidly.
Xiao Huang used to feel pain like a needle in his heart, but now the pain is rapidly reduced. Not only that, but his physical strength has gradually recovered.
His pale face slowly recovered some vitality, and his face was also covered with shallow brilliance. After Yu Ge and Yun Ge moved the force to push out all the remaining poisons of his body, Xiao Huang slowly solved all the poisons and he recovered.
Although he has been tortured before, he is still noble and domineering.
However, when he saw Su Wan’s pale face and her bandaged arm, Xiao Huang’s heart sank and his distressed feelings spread all over him. He strode from the soft couch to Su Wan and looked down at Su Wan.
The cold, deep eyes are frightening.
But Su Wan was too lazy to pay attention to him. She quickly reached out and pulled Xiao Huang’s hand to take a pulse for him, and then the whole person relaxed. "Xiao Huang, your poison has finally been solved. It’s great that I finally said it."
This relaxation made her realize that she had been too tight before. At this moment, when she relaxed, she went straight to the ground and Xiao Huang stretched out her long arm and hugged her tightly.
All the people in the house have gone back, and all the faces have escaped from the room with a smile and a sad breath. Yu Ge is also careful to take care of Xiao Huang’s door.
As soon as a few people went out, they worshipped and worshipped the night with joy.
And Yunmeng, the little princess in the courtyard, saw that they all came out and cried out, "What happened to my brother when you came out? What happened to him?"
As she said, she wanted to rush into Xiao Huang’s house. You’re welcome to stretch out her hand and hold it directly.
From now on, Xiao Huang is his number one master, so Su Wan is his number two master. She pulls over.
Yu Ge quickly said, "You’d better go home when the monarch is asleep."
"What do you sleep when your brother is poisoned?"
Yunmeng Princess screamed, her little face turned white and glared at Yu Ge with great anger. Unfortunately, Yu Ge ignored her hand and directly knocked out Yunmeng Princess. Then, she was afraid of two handmaids not far away and called out, "Come and help your little princess back to rest. It’s not good for you to be so tired."
"It’s Yu Gong"
Where does the little girl dare to say anything? Come and hold Yunmeng Princess and send her back.
Xiao Huang clung to Su Wan in the room behind him for a long time, and then his hoarse dark magnetic voice was overbearing and persistent. "Ladies, from now on, I will never let go again, never again, so you can’t escape this life. You can stay with me, I will love you, protect you, and let you live so heartlessly forever. No one can bully you."
Xiao Huang waited for a while and didn’t hear Su Wan’s words. He couldn’t help wondering why this little girl was so accommodating today. He looked down and found that my little girl was asleep and slept soundly.
However, even when she fell asleep, her face didn’t look very good. She seemed to have lost weight, and with a little white, she couldn’t say it was distressing.
Xiao Huang stretched out her slender hand and gently stroked her cheek. She was gentle and focused and whispered, "Never again. I will never let you work so hard again."
When he finished, he carefully picked up Su Wan, just like picking up a rare treasure, and floated out of the gate of Jing Wangfu all the way to Anguo Houfu.
Not far from the door of the mansion, the hand quickly followed him when he appeared. All the people went all the way to Anguo Houfu and then went into Su Wan to listen to Zhuxuan.
Xiao Huang sent Su Wan to Zhu Xuan’s room, then carefully let her wave and let everyone retreat, while he left his room with Su Wan.
Su Wan was really tired, advanced into the palace, and then came back to take care of Xiao Huang’s pharmacy. Then she was too nervous because of Xiao Huang’s poisoning, and finally she let out a lot of blood. Now she can’t tell how tired she is. The bed is still.
Xiao Huang looked distressed and sat beside her quietly with her. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!

However, Xiao Xiao is still motionless. At every key moment, Chi Xiaozhu becomes a lamp hanging high in the small spiritual hall, giving him limited power and endurance.

"Little brother, do me a favor." Xiao Yun used a new trick, "Come and help me solve one."
She fingered the button of her bra and tried several times on purpose, but it still didn’t work out.
"I … good"
“ ` ` w w w
An image of a skull suddenly appeared in the cerebellum.
"But I can still consider it." Xiao has a bad idea again. "It is said that a woman’s bed with this kind of skill will be quite fascinating. The so-called peony flower is also a romantic ghost. For example, the one who would rather estimate that he would be happy to be a peony flower romantic ghost."
"Grandma, he’s him, I’m me," the little girl gnashed her teeth. "In that case, I’ll play along to the end to see what this witch wants! Mom, I firmly believe that my first time is to give my dear little bamboo. "
"That’s a good brother. I just remembered a formula that happened to be to clear my heart. Do you want to learn?" Trail: "This woman’s cultivation level is not so good, or I can kill her directly."
Chapter 5 Extreme Temptation ()
Chapter 5 Extreme Temptation ()
To say Xiao Yun’s reality is that her heart is so small that she feels weak and a latent desire in her body is faintly seduced. After all, she is still a virgin. Although she has been pursued several times on weekdays, she has never been so deliberately ambiguous with men. It is also the first time in her life that her face is burning and hot. This time, she can’t send a message. She can quietly tell herself that "the sky will fall faster than the people, and she will be hungry first."
Xiaoke didn’t know that her mental journey was so complicated that he naturally shrank back, sticking his whole body to the door and stammering, "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to."
"You must be intentional!" Xiao Yun angry dark scold while bursts with the most attractive smile "little brother elder sister how can blame you? Sister also wants you to see if these pants look good. "
In front of it, there are palm-sized underpants, which are small and as thin as cicada’s wings, and the surface is covered with several finely carved patterns. To say that the workmanship is really excellent to the extreme, it is very small. If you think about the scenery after wearing these pants, you will feel crazy
Xiao Yun smile happily turned around and slowly took off his only pair of underpants, exposing the whole skinny ass and legs. In front of him, the little heart jumped wildly. Finally, I couldn’t help but look away again. From his point of view, even the traces of the thigh gap were faintly visible. If you want to really take a glance, you can get a panoramic view of all the scenery. I feel that my legs are weak and sweaty, and my hands are pulling on the wall to hang clothes, and the hook is just enough to support my vain steps.
"Brother chanting with me" rushed out like a bitter lamp. "Color is color."
Small immediately follow meditation "color is color"
"Don’t spit grape skins if you eat grapes, but spit grape skins if you don’t eat grapes" Xiao continued.
"What are you?" Small startled "is this your mind?"
"You just don’t mind reading after it," Xiao added. "Black chemical fertilizer gets grey will volatilize ash and chemical fertilizer will volatilize and turn black."
Small depression along while just didn’t give this sentence to read "don’t fix true formula is so difficult to read? That’s no wonder it’s so difficult to cultivate immortality. "
"It’s not," Little Snow smiled. "It’s a little distraction. Don’t you think you’ve survived again?"
Xiao Yun there secretly marveled that his sacrifice had almost reached the psychological limit, and even the naked body was exposed. Why hasn’t this guy responded yet? Is he really so determined?
She gritted her teeth and finally made up her mind. "That’s all. If you want to sacrifice, let’s sacrifice it to the end!" She resolutely turned around and said, "Little brother, help others see if it’s good."
"ah! What did you say? " Xiao Xiao seems to have just come back from the sky and made a fuss and called "What’s good?"
Xiao Yun’s little fist clenched tightly, and he really wanted to punch the male face in front of him. He spent so much effort and made such a big sacrifice. This guy actually … actually … he actually deserted!
"Help me look at these pants." Xiao Yun tried to pull out a smile. This time it was finally sweet.
This is a pair of palm trousers.
These trousers are full of decorative patterns.
This is a pair of trousers as thin as cicadas.
"poof!" Just now, I tried to recite the difficult words, and the little comrade directly spit out two nosebleeds.
Xiao Yun took a long breath and deliberately twisted his waist to make his round ass draw a dazzling curve. "Is it good-looking, little brother?"
"Red Phoenix Powder Phoenix Pink Phoenix Flower Phoenix Lao Du and Lao Gu Qi went to Fuyu Road, Lao Du raised rabbits and Lao Gu raised deer." Small and fastest, close your eyes and read aloud. "You can stew me frozen tofu to stew me frozen tofu. If you can’t stew me frozen tofu, don’t stew me frozen tofu …"
Xiao Yun was stunned and stopped moving. He was dumbfounded.
"What are you doing?" Xiao Yunwen
"You look good in this." Xiao Fei said seven words and continued, "The driver buys a female chicken and looks at the female chicken carefully. The four little female chickens are so happy that the driver smiles."
"Are you out of your mind?" Xiao Yun shook his hand in front of him. "Too strongly stimulated?"
Be careful. I laughed inside, even tears and snot. If Xiao Yun knew that Xiao was resisting temptation, I don’t know if she would go crazy.
On, for example, our senior sister finally failed again. She glared at her and quickly got dressed. "Bang" kicked the door. "Boss, check out!"

Because I have never seen Su Ling’s expression like this, I dare not ask more questions at the moment.

I’m sure it’s that annoying Hector even Jinse who made miss unhappy again!
Su Lingwen slightly shook his head and said, "I’ll go out and see if you have an early rest!"
Words fall Su Ling figure has disappeared at the entrance of the cave.
When stepping on the red candle corridor, Su Ling looked intently and saw that the yellow glass on the other side of the corridor was in front of Huang Yin Xuan, and perhaps his face was not masked because of his anger.
Not far from the door of Su Ling, you looked at the confrontation between Huang Yin and Li.
It seems that her relationship with Shinohara Snow is not going well recently. Do you want to visit an old temple in Yue Bai sometime? !
Su Ling can still entertain herself even when her mind is most unstable.
And when she was secretly thinking about what happened to burn the three-dimensional glass and burn the three-dimensional Xuan, she saw Shinohara snow running out of the room soon.
At the sight of Huang Yin-li blocking Huang Yin-xuan’s face, Xiao Xue said in a low voice, "Huang Yin-li, what are you crazy about?"
Perhaps it is because the light in the corridor is not strong enough that Xiao Xue didn’t find Su Ling watching the fun at the other end.
But heard her attitude towards burn assumed the glass Su Ling slightly surprised.
Look at this. Is Shinohara snow a sign of maintenance? !
Emma, they haven’t seen each other this day. Is there something she doesn’t know?
Such a thought that Su Ling was upset in her own heart was quite interesting. She walked to an excellent position in the line of sight and looked at the interaction between the three of them with her little hand touching Ba.
It is not difficult to see that the lantern on the top of the corridor shines on Huang Yin glass and his face is very dark.
His brow was full of rage and it happened that the place where he stood was facing Su Ling’s side.
So this can also make Su Ling clearly see the cold meaning and unhappiness hidden in his eyes.
At that time, after hearing Xiao Xue’s words, Huang Yin-li looked askance at Xiao Xue’s thin lips and sneered, "You call me crazy?"
Maybe it’s because of the fact that Shinohara snow can be somewhat biased to burn the three-dimensional Xuan in the daytime.
Especially at this time, deep in her heart, she also felt that neither she nor Huang Yin Li Ru should wave to Gu Huang Yin Xuan Shen.
Of course, this is Shinohara Snow’s wishful thinking, but Shinohara Snow helped Shinohara Snow to burn Shinohara Xuan Ji’s furious flame and almost burned him out.
Shinohara snow looked at the burn assumed the glass seems to dare not believe eyes see yourself for a moment the in the mind also some shake.
But Yu Guang looked at the end without saying a word, and felt that he would be involved in himself and burn the glass, and there was some injustice to him.
Almost at the same time, she looked at the burning glass and said, "Taidian, no matter how much you resent me, can you please tell me directly!"
He and this matter have to be so aggressive without you? "
"am I aggressive?"
Burn three-dimensional glass smell backhand pointed to himself as if heard a big joke, even his whole cheek is full of irony.
What he doesn’t know is that his expression makes Shinohara snow suddenly feel a pain.
Once she, he was Wen Ya’s indifferent place, and she tried her best to match his emotions.
But it happened that it was this time that Nan Xia Guo exposed all his true temperament and made Shinohara Snow clear that he was not indifferent as water, he was just indifferent to himself.
Therefore, his expression is suspected to be a powerful blow to Shinohara’s first self-esteem again.
People who love each other will never hurt each other with one look and one action.
And burn three-dimensional glass will not be white because of Shinohara snow, how many times he or she would rather be injured than let him feel any discomfort.
It’s a pity that Huang Yin Li is never white!
He seems to be used to taking, seems to be used to her endless giving.

When Mammy Liu tidied up Xia Fei Luo’s skirt and prepared for it before she left, Huang Yi had already come slowly. At this moment, the night outside the temple reflected his Wen Ya face with a faint flush eyes, which was not as clear as in the daytime, and there was a burst of alcohol.

Xia Fei Luo and Huang Yi have been together for so many years that she rarely sees Huang Yi as drunk as a fiddler. Although he looks sober, his walking posture is not as steady as usual.
"I have seen the emperor!"
Xia Fei Luo’s body, regardless of the past, Takuya always took pride in her daughter’s birth. Her deep-rooted thoughts are still female.
So when she was able to marry Huang Yi, it has been recognized from her heart for so many years that Huang Yi picked up the bargain, and she may be able to marry better, or she should be the queen of the Southern Xia Kingdom.
Therefore, every time she faces Huang Yi, the plot of love and hate in her heart always makes her face him normally. Even though she has given birth to several children, some feelings will never be forgotten!
"Queen, you can’t finish until you play with me in the palm of your hand!"
This is a watch! Later, chapter two, the dream of 177 ended ten years ago and ended ten years later!
"Queen, you can’t finish until you play with me in the palm of your hand!"
With a little drunk, Huang Yi walked slowly to Xia Fei Luo and looked at her white cheeks with dribbling eyes. Even after 20 years, her face still hasn’t changed much. She is still arrogant and arrogant all day long, and when he faces her for so long, he will still indulge her deliberately because of guilt.
Xia Feiluo’s face was frightened and Huang Yi’s eyes flashed for a moment, then he said in a slightly tentative tone, "What do you mean by this, Emperor?"
Aside, Mammy Liu wanted to wait quietly, but suddenly she saw Huang Yi hand her a cold light line of sight, which made her scalp tingle and secretly nodded, and then she left Fengchen Palace.
Emperor Wei, she dare not blaspheme!
After Mammy Liu left, the door of the main hall of Fengchen Palace was opened from time to time, and the night wind blew up and the robes and clothes of Yi Long swayed.
Xia Feiluo was dressed in a plain clothes night breeze, and even after the palace beads shone, she could still see the raised fine lines on her cheeks.
Huang Yi just looked at Xia Feiluo so intently and quietly. When he saw her eyes dodging and didn’t dare to look at them himself, he was faint. "Isn’t it enough for you to do those things for so many years, Queen?"
"Emperor, did you come here late at night to say these inexplicable things?" In the face of the unknown emotion of Huang Yi, Xia Fei Luo soon lost his patience to speak, and he could not help but be provocative. Even words stimulated Huang Yi’s unstable mood.
Wen Huang Yi once again took a deep look at Xia Fei Luo, then went to one side of the soft couch and sat down on the soft couch. There was also a square desktop incense burner with smoke curling up.
After deeply smelling it for a few times, Huang Yi felt a little groggy, and her mind was briefly clear, so she looked up at Xia Fei Luo again, and her words also converged a lot of emotions. "I don’t want to pursue the queen’s affairs too much tonight, but I hope you are white, no matter that girl Su Ling has married the dust son. She is now a daughter-in-law of Qi and Chu Palace, no matter whether you don’t like her or not, but she represents the royal family. You’d better know this!
There is also the identity of Hector even Jinse’s wench palace. I don’t need to elaborate that you should also understand the truth in white! When Hector’s love song was sent here as a pledge, you made it happen by yourself! Jinse’s identity is a foreigner after all. Will she be criticized for staying in the palace for a long time? Find a chance to let her go back!
Don’t give her an excuse to be intimate with Hector even’s love songs. It seems to me that if she were really intimate with love songs, she wouldn’t hang out with Yaner all day and even often go to Dust Palace to be a guest!
Empress, after all these years, my patience is limited. I can get well if I leave you alone after what you have done, but do you think you can rest easy if someone wants to get to the bottom of it? "
Huang Yi’s words are quite sharp. After he finished his lengthy words, the attitude shown in this statement also made Xia Fei Luo feel puzzled for a moment.
Two people met each other in silence and looked at each other for a long time. Soon Xia Fei Luo showed how much contempt. "The emperor did something unnatural according to what you said, otherwise you wouldn’t let the palace speak eloquently!
The emperor asks himself, don’t you have any regrets after all these years? Jinse girl can be said to have grown up in a palace. She has been in good shape for so long. You have never had any objection to this. Why do you suddenly say that tonight? Is it because someone blew something in your ear that made you pay special attention to it? "
Xia Fei Luo also made Huang Yi’s eyes set on her cheek again with profound words, and this time the only attitude of the two disabled people slowly disappeared!
It was a mistake for the emperor and empress to come from China, but no one ever knew it!
Those who stayed up late at night were only Huang Yi and Xia Feiluo this night.
Xia Xiaoxue, the wife of Xia Guotai in the south, has to admit that her visit to Qi and Chu is perhaps the most leisurely day she has had in so many years.
Every day, I don’t feel sad because I don’t go to the early morning, and I don’t force myself to move forward because of my mother’s eyes. Even here, she doesn’t feel the intrigue between her brothers and sisters.
She likes this kind of atmosphere, this kind of comfort is not too tiring!
Going to sleep in the middle of the night, Xia Xiaoxue walked alone near the palace, that is, she still wanted to see the place where he lived again. She didn’t know what it would be like to meet again this time.
This time, she stayed in the State of Chu for so long because she wanted to find out how Huang Yin-li treated herself. Secondly, she also wanted to escape, because she was about to make an appointment as a waitress, which had been listed as the first important event in the Southern Xia Dynasty Hall!
She really doesn’t want to!
Because she is in the same situation as Huang Yin-li, she will have a different understanding of him, but she never imagined that the appearance of Princess Qing would really shake his heart of stone.

Yang night and the blue demon chop and the scorching sun all look at the south glory illusion, and no one opens his mouth, and his heart is probably clear about what it is.

South glory illusion excited stare eyes panting straight at Yang night and quickly swept the blue demon chop a look, as if to have something but embarrassed to say it.
"South glory illusion you …" Yang night watching South glory illusion so excited to say "you be strong" but words didn’t export South glory illusion has a few steps came to him and put an arm around his neck holding up Yang night head put his mouth close to his ear.
"Yang Ye had an accident!" Nanrong’s phantom voice is very low, with tension and panic
Yang night in the mind a little uncomfortable so also bass replied "south glory magic don’t be too …
I will think of some way to "
"You know?" South glory magic one leng.
"ah? I don’t know! What is it? " Yang night suddenly quickly excuse.
South glory illusion hesitated once again to Yang night ear light gas said, "Yang night I just went to pee and found that I don’t know what my face … I that thing is getting bigger.
Very, very scary! "
"Ah?" Yang Ye was shocked on the spot, and instantly Nan Rong was stimulated, and went crazy. His eyes widened and he stammered unbelievably. "You, you said it, it, it grew … it, it became bigger?"
Nan Rong took a fancy to Yang Ye and gave him a punch on the shoulder to signal him not to be so big, then glanced around nervously.
Lan Yao beheaded and the scorching sun also heard the meaning of those words said by the natural poplar night, and they all stared at the south glory in surprise.
Yang Yegen didn’t feel how painful it was to punch Nan Rong Phantom on his shoulder. He was surprised to open his mouth and froze for a second. Suddenly he reached out and grabbed Nan Rong Phantom.
Nan Rong was startled and quickly pushed Yang Ye back a few steps. Looking at Yang Ye, he didn’t believe it and shouted, "You are abnormal!"
Yang night still didn’t pay attention to Nan Rong’s magic words. He just grabbed Nan Rong’s magic hand and said to himself, "There really is … I depend … Is this a man or a donkey?" He said, raising his head with a face of surprise and shouting at Lan Yao’s chop and the scorching sun. "It really grows out! And bigger than a donkey! "
The scorching sun and the blue demon cut at the same time, and then they were all pleasantly surprised and walked quickly to the front of Yang night.
Nan Rong Phantom was frightened. I don’t know what happened. How did these people treat themselves …
So interested? And so is Lan Yao’s chop, as if everyone had learned some good news?
"How did this happen?" Blue demon cut joy asked 1.
Yang night shook his head hesitated a bright eyes and said, "I know! It is evil energy! It may be that evil can help Nan Ronghuan grow back! Otherwise, there is no explanation! "
"What’s growing?" South glory magic nasty past came to a few people asked
Lan Yao cut and Yang night and the scorching sun all laughed.
The scorching sun smiled and curled his lips and said jokingly to Nan Rong, "You just laughed at my identity as a chef. Do you know what my identity has become after I got the scales?" Said glanced at Yang night and blue demon cut high volume shouted "is a eunuch! Ha ha ha ha ha … "
The scorching sun laughed so hard. Just now, I was laughed at by Nan Rong Phantom and got my revenge.
Nan Rong looked down at himself and looked up incredulously. "Eunuch?"
"Of course, if it weren’t for the red Bi evil can save you, you are still a eunuch in this life! Don’t say it is so big! " The scorching sun bobbed sarcastically at Nan Rong’s illusion, but said something, and then he paused and nodded thoughtfully.
Yang Ye squinted at his face over there and laughed. Lan Yao chopped up and asked softly, "Hey, what are you happy about when the night raids of Niang’s family get bigger?"
Lan Yao cut one leng and instantly received a smile, and then the muscles behind Yang night were severely twisted like tears.
South glory illusion also leng sun has gathered together to Yang night and pulled the blue demon to cut smirked and said with a full face of fat "red Bi red Bi eldest brother! Discuss whether you can give me some more evil energy? "
Yang night one leng then frowning do dull "hot sun you don’t want to …"

But he suddenly thought of a problem. What if there is a landslide in these coal seams? Although the small-scale landslide will not damage the Long Yun, what should I do if the landslide is too severe to press the Long Yun several hundred meters?

When he told Christie his own idea, Christie let him solve it by himself, leaving Long Yun’s brain alone and not asking her what this layman was doing. She has never mined.
Zhuo Qiang had to consult the data of Long Yun again. According to the data, generally speaking, it is unlikely that a planet like this without water will collapse if it is dry after hundreds of millions of years.
Even so, Zhuo Qiang didn’t dare to be careless. He let the Long Yun slowly enter the coal seam and dig while the Long Yun mechanical arm was lifted to the square of the Long Yun to protect the Long Yun from being crushed by landslides, and the Long Yun engine was ready to increase its power to resist the surface pressure.
In this way, the Long Yun carefully stepped forward like a huge vacuum cleaner sweeping through the coal mine in the coal seam
This mining efficiency is comparable. After half a day, Long Yun absorbed hundreds of thousands of tons of coal.
Zhuo Qiang roughly calculated that according to this absorption rate, it will take half a year for this coal mine to be completely absorbed.
"It took half a year to get 200 million points of energy, which seems to be a bit slow!" Zhuo Qiang wants to eat up this coal mine in a day or two, but this is unrealistic.
At this time, he missed the earth’s oil again. If it were oil, these hundreds of millions of tons of oil might be settled in a month or two.
But even if it’s a little slow, it’s much better than not finding it. With every bit of energy, Long Yun may live longer in their universe.
Hundreds of meters underground, the Long Yun absorbed the coal seam day and night, and Zhuoqiang lived a quiet life again.
However, this quiet life did not last long, and Zhuo Qiang and his Long Yun were once again disturbed by foreign countries.
On this day, when Zhuo Qiang was busy killing people and killing animals in the instructor system, he was suddenly forced to stop by the system.
"Captain’s Pavilion, you need to go out and deal with your ship. Come back later to continue your training!"
Zhuo Qiang retired from the system with a confused mind and then entered the operations room. This time, he went in for just five or six days, which is equivalent to half a day in reality. No one should call him at this time.
"Qiang, just now we received a communication from the outside. It seems that there is another spaceship on this planet. Do you think we should go out?" Christie said with a frown
After listening to her words, Zhuo Qiang quickly ordered the Long Yun horse to drive out of the coal seam and fly to the ground. It is no wonder that Christie was nervous. If the Long Yun coal seam was attacked, it would definitely not be a wonderful thing. Even if the soil layer with a thickness of several hundred meters did not cause much damage to the Long Yun, the attacker could make a profit. This advantage will definitely suppress the Long Yun and it will not be easy to show a counterattack.
After coming to the ground, Zhuo Qiang strangely didn’t see the abnormal surroundings and didn’t see his spaceship shadow.
He ordered the Long Yun to fly high, and from high school, he still couldn’t see anything.
"Look at this!" Christie pointed to the screen to ZhuoJiang said
Zhuo Qiang saw a translated sentence on the screen and said, "Where do you belong? Don’t you know that this coal mine has got there first? "
"Get there first?" Zhuo Qiang read these words and suddenly remembered that this coal mine has been mined for a small part. Is this the sign that it has been occupied?
"How did they send the signal?" Zhuoqiang favour ask
Christie pointed to the corner of the screen and said, "It seems that they sent it through a directional positioning communication device. It is estimated that they will make such a simple communication equipment when they see our spacecraft."
"What about them?" Zhuoqiang looked at the Long Yun, swinging outside and looking at the desolate surface, and saw a screen radar display, but there was nothing unusual.
"I don’t know what happened to this!" Christie, a knowledgeable beauty, sometimes doesn’t know.
Just as Zhuo Qiang was puzzled, Long Yun’s brain rang again. "Report that the captain found that the spaceship was coming towards us."
When Zhuo Qiang looked again, he saw a flying object coming at high speed on the horizon of the screen and approaching the Longyun quickly.
"Ship alert!" Zhuo Qiang hurried and quickly walked to the podium to prepare for this uninvited guest.
He quickly brought up the radar screen and took a closer look at the situation of the ship, which made him feel a little relieved.
Although the ship is also equipped with weapons, these weapons are not too powerful, but symbolically installed several guns, even the basic defense is problematic, let alone take the initiative to attack.
Seeing this situation, Zhuo Qiang felt a lot better and sent a signal to the approaching spacecraft, "Who are you?" Did you send the news just now? "
Just a few seconds later, Zhuo Qiang received a reply from the other party "Yes! Yunmeng Mining Group All the resources of this planet have been explored by us and belong to our group. Who are you? Why do you want to steal our minerals? "
After listening to the other party’s answer, Zhuo Qiang flashed all kinds of thoughts in his mind.
There are too many powerful regiments in Taizhong. He robbed others of a little energy and was constantly pursued. This time, we can’t make hasty moves again. It’s not too late to look at each other’s foundation before making plans.
"Sorry, we just arrived here and are not familiar with what you said. This planet is the main thing, and it was not intentional to take it for a few days." Zhuo Qiang said two soft words first.
"You don’t know this guild regulations? Are you new here? " While talking, the opposite spacecraft flew close to the Long Yun and stopped not too far apart.
The hull design of the Long Yun is very exquisite, and all the muzzles are hidden. Even if you look closely, you may not be able to find these large and small artillery pieces. Of course, if someone guesses that there are cannons hidden in these domes, Zhuo Qiang can’t help it. Anyway, you can’t say that this is an armed ship unless you see the muzzles.
The people on the other side of the ship obviously didn’t expect that it was a pirate ship with strong firepower, so they didn’t have a high degree of vigilance. Besides, it seems very funny that an armed ship came to mine coal mines.
"We have just arrived here, and we are not familiar with everything here. If this is really your mineral, then we won’t pick it any more." Zhuo Qiang didn’t want to offend a chamber of commerce and then provoke a group to be surrounded at both ends. It’s not very pleasant.
"Since you really just came here, we don’t blame you. There are still many resource planets around here that belong to our Yunmengtuan. If you really want to find minerals, you can go to the Leo family circle department to find there are a lot of resource planets that have not been mined or found out.
Zhuo Qiang heard a burst of dizziness. What the hell is the Leo family ring? The country is not like a national league, not like a league. What is this?
It suddenly occurred to him that this Leo family star circle was the one that broke into this star field in his own mind. That Michael Chamber of Commerce doesn’t deal with that adversary?
Thinking of this, he suddenly raised his eyebrows and said, "Actually, we came here because of a little misunderstanding in the Chamber of Commerce in Migao. We could have made a little money. I didn’t expect it to be so difficult to make money here!"
"Michael chamber of commerce? That’s the worst chamber of commerce in this area, and our Yunmeng Group has nothing to do with them! You said it was difficult to make money. Is it not easy for me to have an advanced spaceship and make money? " The other party looks very warm-hearted. Listen to the tone and actually want to help Zhuo Qiang find a way to make money.
The first volume of navigation ]463 crystal star-
463 Crystal Star
I am very happy to hear that there is money to make. Of course, it would be more to his liking if I could find a resource planet by the way.
The boatman on the opposite side looks good. Instead of taking an aggressive attitude towards him who steals coal mines, he also pointed out two ways to make money and mine. This kind of person is really worth paying.

She really thinks of him as a cousin, no matter what his status is, there is no difference between her eyes and the dust king

Of course, this is Shinohara Snow’s real idea in his heart, but Huang Yin Xuan doesn’t think so.
After hearing Xiao Yu’s reply from nature, Huang Yinxuan’s eyes drooped for a moment and a touch of cold light flashed across, some words were not kind. Listen, "Then you can treat Tai Huangyinli as a cousin?"
Shinohara Snow "…"
Smell speech silence shinohara snow didn’t expect burn assumed the xuan would say such a thing and his identity so don’t match.
She doesn’t know what else to say except silence.
Now she feels as if many people know that she likes to burn Yin Li, and these people also secretly look at her jokes.
In fact, she is not so generous that people can comment on her little daughter’s mentality.
Burn three-dimensional xuan see xiao yu snow half xiang also know oneself cut.
Moment directly got up from the soft couch and settled in place. O, with some kind of abnormal smoothness, passed Su Ling and then settled Xiao Yu’s snow cheek.
At that time, Su Ling looked at the atmosphere of Huang Yin Xuan and Shinohara Snow for a moment.
Although she finally saw the true appearance of Huang Yinxuan, in all fairness, he was born in a noble house and the whole person was filled with a proud spirit.
Even if his right arm is hanging from his chest, it will still not destroy his overall wild and cool feeling.
"All right, I’m kidding! You two talk, I’ll go back first! "
Burn assumed the xuan see shinohara snow silent expression also sharp-eyed found her eyes with a dignified color.
It was after he threw a word in a hurry that he turned away without saying goodbye to Su Ling.
Wing less burn assumed the xuan suddenly quiet flustered.
Especially when Shinohara turned around and looked at Su Ling, her face was a little pale. Although I don’t know what she was thinking, Su Ling was able to conclude that she suddenly became so dull. It must be that she had a relationship with Huang Yin Xuan Huang Yin Li.
Su Ling is a close friend of Shinohara Snow, and she naturally wants her to take the lead.
But now Shinohara Snow is in love with Shinohara Glass and Shinohara Xuan is interested in Shinohara Snow. In this case, Su Ling didn’t dare to stand out easily when she didn’t know Shinohara Snow’s true heart.
After all, the appearance of Huang Yinxuan is mysterious. They all know that Huang Yinxuan’s life experience is not simple, but it remains to be seen how much is involved.
See Shinohara snow face pale Su Ling annoys before walking took her hand and sat down side by side directly on the soft couch, and then she said, "Don’t think about it! Let him say whatever he likes! Anyway, let’s be honest! "
Shinohara snow smell wait for a while nodded "ling where have you been these two days? I didn’t ask you yesterday, but you were taken away by your cousin. It seems that your feelings are even better! "
Su Ling saw her injured look from the depths of Shinohara snow’s eyes, but saw that she was still forbearing and joking with herself for a while. Su Ling didn’t want to pick a dry smile for two times. "Stop that now! I and Huang Laosan are just like that! "
"Don’t pretend to be you!" Perhaps it was Su Ling and Huang Lao who made too much noise last night. At this time, she also joked from Shinohara Snow and looked a little shy.
After Xiao Xue teased, she saw Su Ling blushing half of her cheek and immediately continued to ask, "Ling, please tell me about my cousin’s ability?"
Su Ling screwed her eyebrows. "Do you put it like this?"
"hey! What’s the matter? We had sex with men when we were young, but I’ve never experienced it personally, but I’ve heard a lot about it!
Tell me about it quickly. I’ll help you identify a cousin’s ability! "
Su Ling "…"
Although she is a little shy, she has not talked to Xiao Xue for a long time, and she also knows what virtue she is. At that moment, Su Ling didn’t think much and directly formed four words to "hit the nail on the head!"
Shinohara snow smell leng!
Hit the nail on the head this shape is drunk!
From now on, Shinohara has a feeling of distress for Ling!
Needle’ …
I can’t believe my cousin looks so handsome and gaudy, but this … tut tut tut!

"Hum! Seeing this monster reminds me of Sula, and I am angry when I think of Sula! " South glory magic bite a tooth to answer

"… Sura is your childhood shadow? What has it done to you that lacks ethics? " Yang night bad smile to guess.
South glory magic mercilessly stared at Yang night "Sura killed my favorite housekeeper! Even if it used to be my uncle, it is inhuman now! "
Yang night leng thought it’s no wonder that South Glory Magic is so bad to Sura, and it’s no wonder that Sura is so afraid of South Glory Magic. Thinking about smiling and patting South Glory Magic’s shoulder, "Okay, okay, blame me for which pot is not which pot" said and looked at South Glory Magic’s chest wound, squinting and thinking, and said, "Well, we now know that Mu’s family is not haunted, but a man-eating monster.
And I think this monster should have something to do with Muming. "
"Do you think it’s Mu Ming’s wind?" South glory magic a listen to twist a head and asked
"I don’t know, but it’s definitely not that simple. Mu family has always had ghosts eating people and people have been missing or eating debris. Can Mu Mingfeng not know this? He’s not afraid? He doesn’t investigate? " Yang night shook his head "most likely this is his longitudinal"
"It seems that this Muming wind is really not a normal person." Nan Rong Phantom nodded. "You said that if the dialogue was really scary, Muming wind had his own servants to feed his pets …"
Yang Ye pulled Nan Rong’s magic one. "So let’s forget about this first. Now that we’re here, we’ll find Mu Ming’s wind room and see if there’s anything to find. It’ll be dawn if we drag it on!"
Just then, there were two beams of light in the distance of the curtilage floor, and it was particularly striking in the backyard of the dark Jose family.
Yang night and south glory illusion carefully bent down along the light at the same time to see the past.
The two of them climbed over the backyard wall and there was a rather hidden back door not far away! The door is a wall that can rotate freely. At this time, the wall rotates, and a mini container truck slowly drives in in low light.
"Why is there a car coming in so late?" South glory magic low asked
Yang night twist a head to stare at south glory illusion "ask me? Are you talking to me? Have you mistaken me for someone else? This is my first night visit to Mu’s house tonight! "
South glory magic took a glance at Yang night and continued to look at the back door.
After the car came in, it stopped slowly. It turned out to be a woman!
The woman went around to the back of the car and hit the container behind the car to check something.
"It turned out to be her!" Yang night surprised let out a cry.
"Do you know that woman? Who is it? " South glory magic twist a head to ask
"Know!" Yang Ye stared at the figure of the man at the back door. "She is Mu Mingfeng. Her name is backyard flower!"
"backyard flower?" South glory magic frightened "such a constructive name? Her father is a tycoon? "
Yang night surly up to see a few eye low said "I have to go and see! I have a hunch that it must be unusual to sneak something in that car container so late! "
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven "big kill"
Yang night and Nan Rong illusion on the roof of the mansion made the speed fly to the hidden back door.
Near the Yang night, it suddenly stopped and came to Nanrong Magic. A sudden brake almost rushed over and stood in the footsteps and stared back at Yang night. "Why are you!"
"I can’t let the backyard flowers recognize me for the time being!" Yang night said in a low voice, and then the left and right hands alternately pulled the left and right sleeves of their clothes from the shoulder seams and gave them to Nan Rong Magic, one in his own hand, and the other was picked up to cover his face and tightly behind his head.
"Still masked?" South glory magic leng also tied the sleeve head to show your eyes.
"Let’s go!" Yang night said, got up and jumped over.
The backyard flower just came from the back container and was carefully walking towards the front cab. Suddenly, she found a black shadow in front of her and screamed with fear.
"If you scream again, I will kill you." Yang Ye covered his face and looked at the backyard flowers with fierce eyes.
Backyard flower leng quickly shouted "yes! Yes! "
At this time, Nanrong Magic came around from the other side of the car door, dragging a man with one leg in his hand. The man was already foaming at the mouth and unconscious.
"Are you calling him?" South glory magic blindfolded eyes laughed.
The backyard flower was frightened, her lips shook and her mouth slowly widened, and her legs became softer and softer. She knelt down and raised her hands trembling and cried, "Don’t kill me! Two eldest brother don’t kill me * * I’m ready, don’t kill me ….. "
"Nice try!" Yang night fierce replied, "you give me Wen Dian! We are two noble bad guys who are out of low taste! "
Backyard flower leng "? No * *? " There was disappointment in his eyes when he spoke.
"say! It is so late! What are you transporting to Mu’s home! " Yang night step forward and asked
"I … I …" The backyard flower stammered her eyes and thought about excuses.
At this time, I have already circled the rear of the car and slowly hit the container. Nan Rong Huan suddenly exclaimed, "Yang … Kovic, come and have a look!"
Yang night heard south glory magic almost called away mouth unexpectedly made up such a name gas big answer "what’s the matter? South Sla coward walking tractor base? "
Kneeling to the ground, the backyard flower was stunned to remember the names of these two people, but it was really difficult for the man in front to recite such a long list. He smiled and asked, "What’s the name of the big brother behind this big brother?"
Yang Ye glared at the back of the car and then lifted his foot to pretend to kick the backyard. He turned over and stared at Yang Ye slowly and walked to the rear of the car.
Yang night forced backyard flowers to walk to the rear of the car, and then found Nanrong magic next to it, staring at the inside of the container with unblinkingly eyes. Yang night was shocked and angry as never before, and some people were worried and hurried to probe into the container.
Oh, my god Everything in sight can’t help but make Yang night almost scream! On the left and right sides of the container door, there are wooden shelves that are shoddy like ordinary shoe racks, and there is a simple package baby on each shelf!
And in the container! There are a few people who don’t know whether they are dead or alive, and they all look like almost a pregnant woman in labor!
Yang night was completely shocked that these babies and pregnant women should be packed in the car container like goods? He suddenly turned to look at the backyard flower, which was so bold that he had already run out for a distance with a big ass and a shallow foot.
Yang night angry eyes bloodshot legs force a push to blink of an eye has arrived in front of the backyard flower fire as mercilessly staring at the backyard flower is running pot, suddenly in the sight of a flash of shadow that masked man has come to his face, scared and screaming, and went to the heap with a leg and a soft body.